In a world of emerging technologies and breakthrough performance, we are often overwhelmed with the magnitude of extreme success and left feeling either jealous (that we didn’t think of that great idea) or impotent (that we are unable to make such significant impact). However, every day presents a new canvas of opportunity to make a difference. The difference doesn’t have to be monumental, but it can be important, valuable and can lead to something amazing.

Success requires change – change in behaviors, attitudes and habits – to achieve this new image of your future. It requires a firm and focused belief in where you want to go that will allow you to make the necessary decisions about resource allocation, money, time and energy that will need to be managed. Each of these resources needs to be invested in the achievement of the goal. They are not expenses, but tools to fulfill the realization of the vision.

Help your team to see, understand and believe in the vision. Their internal acceptance of the goal will improve their decision making and keep them working towards accomplishment in a consistent and collaborative way.

The road to sustainable success is often a circuitous one, but the belief in that success is a key component to achievement. Having a focused and clear vision of your success allows you to recalibrate when you are forced off the original path. Lack of clarity and disciplined approach to the goal can keep you off the pathway and struggling to find the correct decisions to realign. Keeping your actions and behaviors consistent with the goal(s) leads you to proper decision making that moves you forward.

Nothing of value comes easily. There are, at times, difficult decisions to be made that affect the people around you. However, those decisions become clear within the context of the goal. If you (and the people within your enterprise) are truly committed to the goal, the decisions do become easier to make.

Diligence to the process and the goal require (and support) daily affirmation of the vision – one more phone call to the customer to provide visibility and peace of mind – one more capacity option for a new client’s pressing need – one more contact to the A/P department to reconcile that old invoice. Each additional effort ties success to the person making the effort and increases their ownership of the results, the vision and the goal(s).

Each new action, effort or idea is the embryo for an amazing innovative approach to your business success. Foster the energy, talent and mindshare of each team member to express growth in themselves and in their work to build an accretive, sustainable outcome of accomplishment.