In contrast to the general societal shift towards diversity and inclusion, there seem to be more instances (or at least media identified instances) of continued segregation and compartmentalization. However, during the last three days in Kansas City, Inclusion and Opportunity reigned supreme. From the poignant Keynote addresses of Valerie Alexander to the quiet, yet passionate, wisdom of Ellen Voie, the focus on growth, empowerment and personal accountability spark excitement and proved welcoming to all.

1 Strength
The solidarity and expertise of the attendees, ranging from drivers to marketers, associates to executives, was tangible and pervasive. The often male-dominated industries encompassing transportation have such powerful resources in these amazing people who choose to draw upon the energies and networks of knowledge, expertise and leadership.

2 Wisdom
Experience and leadership affords a larger and longer view of the past, present and future. The continued growth of the conference exponentially increases the collective mindshare of the association to face the inherent challenges of gender bias and to present new engagement strategies that reduce friction and build coalitions for growth.

3 Compassion
The collective honesty and accountability for personal and professional CHOICE are keystones to self-discovery. It is inspiring to witness the ability to challenge oneself (and others) openly to find the truth and the pathway to change. The association and conference helps to reduce the obstacles that limit communication. It opens the door to becoming the sponsors and champions of each other.

4 Opportunity
Each attendee has made the conscious and intentional decision to improve themselves (and, by extension, their organizations) by tapping into the power of the association and the conference. The connections lead to new ideas, the ideas lead to new solutions, the solutions lead to greater success and growth through opportunity and open pathways.

Thank you to WIT for giving me the chance to experience the inspirational effect when a group of people, individually and together, make the CHOICE to be STRONG, to be WISE, to be COMPASSIONATE and to capture the value of OPPORTUNITY.