As we approach the end of the year, your inbox and social feeds will be filled with lists, lists and more lists detailing the best of 2017, the Top 10 ‘whatevers’ and the Best ‘whatchamacallits’ from this past year. Unfortunately, the time value of these lists is minimal. They exist as reductionist platforms to simplify and curate what has already happened into a bite sized delivery.

Reflecting on the past, however, can serve a purpose. It allows us an opportunity to see what has been accomplished (whether successfully or otherwise) to act as the benchmark or starting point for the next stage of our development. What happens next is profoundly more important – our choices and our focus.

By knowing where we are today and where we want to go, we can have clarity on the context for our energy focus and the proper decision matrices for development towards that defined success. This system is now a structure that simplifies your decisions and self-aligns towards the goals. Recalibration of processes becomes easier. The more thought, time and energy that are focused on the outcome, the faster you can achieve your goals. The ‘right’ decisions, those that are aligned to your goals, become clearer and easier to make.

When your team is equally focused on these goals, the speed to achievement increases exponentially. Including the team in the development and definition of your goals increases their involvement, ownership and collaboration. Work with them on both the long term strategy and the short term initiatives to fulfill the vision and satisfy the mission.

The lists in your life should be built around what you are trying to achieve and the methods you choose to bring about that success.