The Epiphany of a Business Leader

The Epiphany of a Business Leader

As you build your company from the initial cocktail napkin idea to the thriving business that impacts hundreds and thousands of people throughout your community and the industry, there are moments of hesitation and reflection.

There are moments of doubt and uncertainty that creep into your psyche and keep you awake at night: Do I have the right people? Am I making the right decision? Are we moving in the right direction?
These moments, while challenging and difficult, are a natural progression in the development of your company. They are the moments that mark the bellwether of change for your business – the transformation from WHAT IS into WHAT CAN BE.

While possible, rarely do businesses reach the level of intended success without significant help along the way. Having the right partnerships is critical to emerging from these moments properly prepared for the opportunities. Both internal and external resources can provide you with insight and pragmatic approaches to managing the changes to come. Be sure that you have a strong network of folks that understand and are capable of the honest feedback necessary to navigate through the uncertainty.

TranStrategy Partners provides the experience of hundreds of brokerage company transformations. This contextual and experiential approach to business strategy and cultural development allows business leaders to draw on a wealth of successful best practices to overcome the obstacles of today and accelerate their organizational growth performance for tomorrow.

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Treat Your People Well

Treat Your People Well

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” -Richard Branson

“Treat your people well….feed them on your dreams…” -Crosby, Stills and Welch (Jack)

How you treat your employees has a profound impact on the success of your company. Historically, pensions and benefits kept employees at a company for years (in spite of poor leadership), but the economies of today’s small business do not allow for these long-term carrots to balance the sticks of poor leadership. As such, employee turnover can be a harsh reality for businesses that do not have an open and developmental culture.

In the dynamics of logistics, daily deal flow and load movements are essential to cover expenses, but, too often, the urgency of each load (or each load more) overshadows the cultural toxicity of an overly competitive work environment. There needs to be a balance of alignment between the company goals and the individual employee goals.

Be clear, from day one of employment, in the company vision, in the business objectives, in the behaviors that you expect from your company and its employees. Communicate this information and focus regularly. Stay consistent to the message and the belief of what you are doing and what they should be doing. Employees need to feel a part of the vision and a part of reach the goals. Provide them the tools and the environment to be successful and to grow.

Learn and understand what drives your employees and provide them a platform to express these motivations within the context of your business. The energy of these pursuits builds goodwill within the organization and builds brand equity with your clients, suppliers, community and with prospective employees.

A company that meets the needs of its employees (personal and professional, financial and developmental) reduces attrition and creates a consistent approach for customers and carriers that deepens relationships and strengthens the sustainability of the organization.

At TranStrategy Partners, we are a resource to help transportation organizations transform into the companies they envision through experiential and consultative strategy and coaching services.

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