Every business (that is a going concern) has experienced success.

Many brokerage businesses achieve certain levels of success through the sheer will and drive of their entrepreneurial founders and leadership. However, the wider opportunities that exist are often hidden from these leaders due to inherent uncertainties and deep seated fears of exponential success.

In some instances, these leaders are able to create a viable and thriving business that harnesses their own skills and strengths, but often overlooks their skill gaps, which ultimately limits the growth opportunities available to them. In other instances, the leaders accept their current level of success as the only (or maximum) success that they are destined to achieve. Without a resource or partner to help overcome these limitations, the business plateaus and motivation decreases, further limiting opportunity where beliefs become calcified into a ‘good enough’ mentality.

As an owner (and/or leader) of a business, you have a responsibility to the stakeholders of this ‘going concern’ to create a sustainable and growing organization that supports its employees, its customer base, its vendors, its community and its owners to maximize value.

You can do more, you can achieve more, you can earn more and you can share more.

First, you have to make the choice – the choice to invest in your business to make it stronger in the market, more agile to protect against external obstacles and more effective in providing service solutions.

If there is no failure (only success and learning), risks hold no power over your future. Risks are only shrouded opportunities.

You have the power to be great and to achieve the success that you have envisioned (in those quiet moments of reflection). Surround yourself with people who make you better and those that you can make better.