Your organizational vision and strategy are the framework to achieve greatness. However, without the right people – in the right positions, on the right path and making the right decisions – greatness is only a dream.

Plans and intentions are only as successful as the execution in delivering results. Analogy alert: All the football schemes, formations and play design are useless without the players who perform and the collective team psychology to seamlessly support each other.

For your business to be successful, you need to have (and recruit) strong, competent development projects – people who can execute based on the business priorities, who make prudent decisions in alignment with the organizational objectives and who continue to build and refine their skills to increase effectiveness.
Your people need to have the Grit (work ethic and fortitude), the Will (the intrinsic motivation to succeed) and the Capacity (the mental and physical wherewithal) to properly deliver on the business promise to your customers, your suppliers, your investors and each other.

As a leader to your company and to the people who breathe life into the vision, you have a responsibility to find, guide and train the best possible team. Finding them requires the creation of a valuable brand that draws the best and brightest to your organization. Your company brand must have a clear vision of success, the expectations and metrics to keep you on the path to success and a proven program to engage and develop your people to reach their own career milestones.

People who are aligned to the company goals, who have the tools and processes for success and who have regular opportunities to grow, will move your organization forward with greater acceleration. The right people, focused on the right priorities, will drive your business. They are the personification and the actualization of your business mission, which ultimately improves your brand and improves your recruiting potential as you grow.

Focus your attention on your people with review, recognition and reward to keep them aligned to the proper process and motivated to achieving mutual success. Strategy, properly supported with the right people, can bring your dreams into reality.