In contrast to the success that you have had in building your company, there are always obstacles and challenges present that minimize growth potential and inhibit maximization efforts to forge greater success. The challenges could manifest as people/personnel issues, operational inefficiencies or, perhaps, even barriers to new customer acquisition.

Often, these obstacles are multifaceted and the correction of one does not provide the expected result. Cultural and Structural hindrances are interwoven into all aspects of the enterprise and are not so easily resolved. It is necessary to understand the holistic interaction between all of the factors in order to produce a best functioning solution.

Gauge your People – from administrative and front line to the leadership level.

Assess their skills, strengths and behavioral composition to discern how they best interact and what gaps may exist within teams, within departments and within the entire organization. Having this people intelligence will allow you to hire, fire and redistribute resources in alignment with the over-arching company vision and goals.

Gauge your Communication – in meetings, in person and in your marketing.

How well you manage change is directly correlated to how well you communicate the need for, the impact of and the benefits from that change. Poor communication in any of these areas leads to fear, confusion and uncertainty from the teams. Absence of clear expectations and reasoning leaves a void that is, too often, filled with competitive behaviors driven by self-interest. Strong communication of your messages is built on alignment to stated goals, clarity and consistency. When people can ‘see’ it, ‘understand’ it and ‘own’ it, they can incorporate it into their work and their own communication.

Gauge your Processes – in operational workflow and sales growth.

Your processes are the assembly line of production in your brokerage operation. Order fulfillment from load acquisition to collections follows a defined and organized workflow. The steps along this workflow have different levels of efficiency and value that can be reviewed and improved. By documenting the people and system interactions along the way, you can identify potential gaps and bottlenecks that reduce productivity to build better process solutions.

Each phone call to a customer or carrier has the potential to drive revenue. The effectiveness of those calls is more important than the volume of those calls. Preparedness for each call, in regards to information gathering and negotiation methods, positions your company to capture value. Look beyond “what do you have for me today?” towards “how can we help you tomorrow?”

Gauge your Metrics – to reinforce the activities and behaviors that drive success.

Metrics that are aligned to the organizational expectations and behaviors proved the benchmarks and trends of activity. Measuring your people, communications and process allows you to recognize where there is success and where resources will need to be deployed. Look beyond general metrics like load volume, call volume and new client volume towards more telling metrics of customer expansion, carrier load ratios and quality customer acquisition. Find metrics that support the behavior that you are expecting from the teams and individuals.

Your organization is a powerful enterprise that provides capacity solutions for its clients, fleet management support for its carrier base and both a livelihood and purpose for its people. Don’t let internal obstacles undermine this mission. Gauge your company and be open to changes needed to drive the business higher.