TranStrategy Partners regularly publishes articles to help freight brokers become the best versions of themselves and grow their businesses. Here is an overview of the top articles of 2018 so you can get caught up on your peers’ favorite content!

1. Shippers Don’t Want Your Old Marketing & Sales Tactics
Read the top pet peeves and tips from the shippers’ panel discussion at TMSA’s conference. One of the leading sessions was a panel of transportation and supply chain decision-makers discussing Shipper Perspectives: “Aligning Your Value with the Needs of Your Customer.” This session was packed full of helpful insights for those of us trying to position our services to this audience and their peers. READ MORE

2. Styles in Profiles: Connecting across Psychological Dimensions
When approaching customers, it is essential to understand their buying styles – how they make decisions and how they interpret data to inform those decisions. While every person is unique, there are four basic buying styles from which one can establish sales communication and protocols. READ MORE

3. 5 Jedi Strategies For A Successful Approach To Brokerage
Apply Yoda’s lessons to your brokerage. Apply these Jedi tips on training, commitment, belief, patience, and abundance. READ MORE

4. Revenue is Vanity – Margin is Sanity
Focusing on revenue AND MARGIN is smart, but getting your employees aligned to your profitability goals is even smarter. It is smart to focus on profitability, rather than just revenue. At TSP, our philosophy is “revenue is vanity and margin is sanity.” After all, it’s not what you make, it’s what goes to the bottom line. READ MORE

5. If You Get The Culture Right, The Other Stuff Will Take of Itself
Most business leaders don’t work on their company’s culture because they don’t know where to start. It is much easier to work on tangible, easy to understand problems, but working on the company culture will help you eliminate future problems and position your company for growth.  READ MORE

6. Overcoming Hidden Obstacles and the Permission to Succeed
Many brokerage businesses achieve certain levels of success through the sheer will and drive of their entrepreneurial founders and leadership. However, the wider opportunities that exist are often hidden from these leaders due to inherent uncertainties and deep seated fears of exponential success. READ MORE

7. 4 Aspects of Leaders to Combat Entitlement
Every day someone is trying to find a way into your success. Other brokers are trying to become the transportation provider of choice for your best customers. Some team members are trying to show that they have the skills to replace you. Power is a fickle partner. Knowing how to encourage employees to take on responsibility with a healthy dose of confidence, while keeping entitlement at bay, can be a tricky balancing act.

8. The Value of Professional Development
Knowledge and skills development are vital to the health of any organization. We live in an information age. Therefore, an organization’s ability to manage and process information plays a key role in its overall success. The people within the organizations must have the skills to organize, disseminate and retain information. Training is one of the chief methods of properly utilizing this intellectual capital. READ MORE

9. Partnerships for Growth
Successful organizations are built with the blood, sweat and tears of many partners – mentors, coaches, employees, clients and vendors. Choosing the right partners to support the company vision becomes a key part of the success. READ MORE

10. Respect: Given and Earned
Your organizational vision and strategy are the framework to achieve greatness. However, without the right people – in the right positions, on the right path and making the right decisions – greatness is only a dream. READ MORE

11. 4 Gauges to Avoid Sabotaging Growth
In contrast to the success that you have had in building your company, there are always obstacles and challenges present that minimize growth potential and inhibit maximization efforts to forge greater success. The challenges could manifest as people/personnel issues, operational inefficiencies or, perhaps, even barriers to new customer acquisition. READ MORE

12. Re-purpose Your Employees
Purpose and Vision are key components in the development of the proper culture for your organization.
Clearly communicating that Purpose and Vision to your employees helps to align them and creates a pathway to greater engagement and satisfaction. READ MORE



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