Confidential Caller Program

Designed to objectively evaluate phone and customer service skills, our unique Confidential Caller Program tracks how your staff handles calls, customers and vendors. As a leader of your business, your aim is to drive a culture of accountability; with this program we can track and observe how your team is performing. We can tailor the program to suit your needs as the “secret shopper” could be:

  • A vendor; to assess negotiation skills, which has a direct impact on margin performance.
  • A customer with a complaint; to assess how well staff are trained in listening and effective responses.
  • A member of the press or competition; to assess how much information is willingly provided.

This is how it works:

  • Our specially trained Confidential Callers will call your office and act as a potential customer or vendor.
  • The Confidential Caller takes notes on how the call was handled and scores the employee.
  • The report and scorecard are prepared and sent with recommendations for improvement.

The whole process takes less than seven days!