This program provides brokerages with the help they need to train their employees in a comprehensive and effective manner. The program includes coaching calls, new hire assessment, individual training goals, calendar creation, mentoring, and Brokertrain courses.

Poorly trained employees can cost a business money, through low productivity or attrition.

Our professional trainers at TranStrategy Partners will help you develop and implement an effective training program. We can assist in the design, implementation and monitoring of the program with the help of an onsite supervisor. The supervisor’s role is minimal in acting as the internal resource for communication and feedback.


Our training program includes:

  • New Hire and Performance Predictor Assessments
  • Individual Training Goals
  • Best Practice Training Calendar based on position and role responsibility
  • Industry Specific Training Courses
  • Creating Shadow/Mentoring experiences
  • Coaching Calls
  • A Confidential Caller program


> New Hire Assessments & Goals

New Hire Assessment. This is a three-part assessment. The first part assesses the trainee’s strength orientation. The second part assesses the trainee’s personality profile, and the third part assesses their written communication skills. The assessment is scored and a report is created on the trainee’s results compared to the ideal candidate profile for the role and responsibility.

Performance Predictor Assessment. This will uncover their true talents and behavior profile and will provide feedback on how to best leverage those talents.

Based on these assessments and the company training goals, 30, 60 and 90-day goals and expectations can be established for the trainee.

> Training & Assessments

The trainee will require Company specific training materials. This may include materials such as an employee handbook, rules, processes and procedures, safety requirements, organizational history, core values, etc. If desired, we can provide assessments based on these materials to ensure retention and make sure the material is being learned. Scoring and success metrics will be reported to the designated supervisor.

We will enroll each trainee in our Brokertrain program. Courses will be assigned based on position and need. Upon completion, the trainee will report what was learned and how they plan to implement these principles into their everyday work. Course completion progress and scores will be reported to the designated supervisor.

> Mentoring & Coaching

The supervisor will help in assigning the trainee to a mentor(s) for a Shadowing Experience. The duration of such will be determined in conjunction with the supervisor. The trainee will observe work being done, and have the opportunity to ask questions in order to gain an understanding of how various processes work, and be able to spend time navigating the process through hands-on activity. We will supply the supervisor and mentor with a set of guidelines and expectations for this experience. The trainee will report to us what they observed and what they learned.

We will make 6 coaching calls to the trainee during this three-month period. The purpose of the coaching calls is to encourage the trainee, to answer questions, to listen to concerns, and to provide needed advice to keep them moving toward their goals.

After the 90-day goals have been met, we will utilize our Confidential Caller program to assess the real-time skills of the trainee. A detailed scorecard with a professional evaluation and recording of the call will be sent to the supervisor.


Packages start at $495 per month.